Our Mission 

We’re here to help everyone reach
their full potential.

Our Story

FactSumo started with a revelation, and with a frustration.

When you learn a language, or study science, or anything in-between, we found the old methods weren’t cutting it; the current apps were just moving worksheets to the screen. In the era of high-speed internet, options for learning felt... obsolete.


This is the 21st century. Other companies were innovating with technology — why not education? We started with the premise that everyone wants to further their potential — and we brought it to the digital front.

We’re the next jump forward: a platform that combines the best of digital learning and confidence in one spot.

We remain committed to our focus: everyday learning for everyday use, centered on user experience.

Reach your full potential with FactSumo.

Our approach

We're all about mastery!

Practicing, little and often, has a big impact. The same approach you used to learn a new sport or musical instrument is what you'll find on FactSumo.

Immediate corrective feedback gives you a chance to learn from your mistakes, and another chance to get it right. Study breaks let some forgetting set in, and expose what you "actually" know from what you "think" you know.

Seeing your progress builds your confidence and lets you see what's possible.

Build your skills.
Track your confidence.
Reach your goals.