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Who are we?

A digital learning platform designed for building confidence through practice.

Do Your Thing

You make killer educational content, and
we provide a surefire way for your audience
to build confidence through practice.

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Make your engaging content available to a global audience on our digital platform!

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Hear that? That’s you cashing your
paycheck. Get paid based on how many subscribers actively engage with your content. It’s as easy as that.

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How it works

Create it

Create something great, enhanced with videos, images, sounds, or text.

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Spread the word through your website, social media, and blog.

Earn it

Earn money when Premium subscribers actively engage with your content (as long as you’re signed up with our Partner Program!)

Two ways to get paid.

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Get 25% of your Referrals monthly

There your followers - earn some money. You'll be paid 25% of your referrals for however long they are a FactSumo Premium subscriber.

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Great Content Gets Rewarded

Our Partner Program creators are paid each month based on how Premium Subscribers engage with learning content. You'll see your stats updated in real time.

Why people love creating on Factsumo!

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I have an education blog but it was really hard to monetize - now with FactSumo - It's so much easier for me to get my content out there and make money from it. 

Now’s your chance to
share your content with the world.